Parents everywhere know how frustraing it is when your baby keeps picking up toys or anything else it can get its hands on, and puts them in its mouth. Well, a mum from Cornwall has invented a new kind of teething toy which could be about to appear on High Streets everywhere.

They might lack coordination but most babies will always find their fingers to chew on. And that's the background to the ingenious new toy created by a Calstock Mum. Inspired by her own son Jimmy, the Gummee Glove might look like a simple idea, but it's the first of its kind in the toy world.

One day the fact that he was sucking on his anti scratch mittens, I thought he needs a teething mitten, and I went shopping for one and found nothing existed, so I decided to make my own

The glove fits on a baby's hand and is secured with velcro Credit: ITV Westcountry

The glove fits on a baby's hand just like, well a glove really but it's fastened with velcro so it can't come off and fall on the floor, and has lots of different textured sections for the baby to chomp on.

Jodine is currently waiting for the prototype for the packaging of the glove - but two major retailers have said they're keen to stock it.

Just orderedthe second production run with different colours because that was the feedback we've been getting from parents. We've been approached by a few retailers in the south west who would like to retail the productin their outlets and we've actually got three on board who've made wholesale things are going along quite nicely

With a 14 month old son and a new baby on the way, you'd think Jodine would have enough on her plate. But she's hoping her handy new invention will just be the start of bigger things to come.