The sounds of the Serengheti. The biggest stage musical ever to tour Britain has come to Bristol. This was the first day of rehearsals for the Lion King.

Listen to them rehearse:

The the award-winning musical is based on the famous Disney 1994 animated film.

It will be the first time the show has been on a British stage outside London.

For the cast, it had all the nerves and excitement of your first day at school.

The stage show will be here from August 31st for an 11-week run to mark the Hippodrome's 100th birthday.

A convoy of 18 lorries have transported more than 200 puppets and 700 handcrafted costumes and sets to the Hippodrome.

A cast of 52 performers and a production team of 150 people have also made the journey from London to the city.

Since the show first opened in 1997 it has made a more than £530 million.

It's beaten the previous highest earner on Broadway, Phantom of the Opera. But Phantom's still the longest running Broadway show with over 10,000 performances.