Officers policing the EDL march in Bristol have made seven arrests.

A 47 year old man was arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence, and a 49 year old man was arrested for unlawful assembly at the fountains. Protest groups were told not to congregate at that location.

Three people were also arrested for refusing to remove their face coverings, and a 24 year old man has been taken into custody after being found on enclosed premises.

Meanwhile, a 44 year old man has been arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Meanwhile a counter group has descended on Bristol to confront the EDL march - which is also taking place at the same time as the city's Gay Pride event.

Buses full of members of the far-right movement began arriving this morning, with others taking trains to Temple Meads station.

Local police, boosted by colleagues from around the country, have herded the marchers into a protected 'square' formation for their protest against Bristol's 'Islamification'.

Furious members of counter protest group We Are Bristol came within just 200 metres of the EDL march - with 1,000 officers attempting to keep the two apart.

Both marches are due to finish by 4.30pm.