20mph speed limit considered for Bristol

Speed limits may be reduced Credit: ITV West

A report being presented to Bristol Bristol City Council’s Cabinet on 26th July will commit £2.3million to introducing a 20mph speed limit across Bristol’s 14 neighbourhood areas.

Local communities will be consulted about the limit which would come into force in all residential streets by 2015.

Roads that currently have a 30mph speed limit may have a 20mph imposed on main roads around shops, schools and parks.Dual carriageways and roads with speed limits which are currently above 30mph will not be subject to any of the proposals.

Bristol City Council say 31% of pedestrians are killed if hit by a vehicle travelling at 40mph and 7% are killed at 30mph. At 20mph the rate is lower still, benefitting children and older people.

Two areas in the city were made 20mph zones between 2008 and 2011 as part of the Cycling City programme. Bristol City Council say these areas have seen an up to 36% increase in walking and up to 37% in cycling.