Olympic celebrations in Dorset get off to 'spectacular' start

Squibbing takes place outside of Bridgwater for first time. Credit: ITV Westcountry

It was also the first time that squibbing, large fireworks held high and fired simultaneously, has taken place outside Bridgwater in its 400 year history.

It was part of an evening of theatrical performance on the beach in Weymouth. More than 10,000 people turned out to watch as acrobats tumbled from ropes above their heads. teams of performers from across the region took part in a show called Battle for the Winds.

200 squibbers lined up along the water's edge Credit: ITV Westcountry

As darkness fell, 200 squibbers from Bridgwater lined up along the water's edge. They said it was an honour to share their tradition with people outside their home. Meanwhile 2,012 volunteers waited with candle flares for their signal to wade in to the sea. They moved on mass, a line of golden flames matching the sweeping curves of Weymouth beach. The town has never seen anything like it before but embraced the spectacle.

Weymouth embraced the squibbing for first time. Credit: ITV Westcountry