Campaigners say the ill treatment of patients, like that of Winterbourne View, could happen again unless action is taken. The serious case review into the abuse by care workers at the South Gloucestershire hospital is due today.

Mencap and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation say large institutions that look after people with mental disabilities should be closed down, and patients should be looked after closer to home.

It comes after the report found 260 cases of neglect and abuse in other care homes. Family members reported incidents which included physical assault, sexual abuse and the overuse of restraint.

Many hundreds of people with a learning disability are being sent away to care institutions hundreds of miles from home, where they remain for years unnecessarily, at risk of neglect and abuse."

We fear that unless the Government commits to a strong action plan to close large institutions and develop appropriate local services for people with a learning disability, there is a very real risk that another Winterbourne View will come to light."

A Department of Health spokeswoman said that it's not suitable for 'high quality care' to take place within the community.

She said the department has already "set out a range of national actions which will mean that people have access to high quality care...and staff know exactly what part they play and what standards are expected of them".