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The sun is out, but is it here to stay? Kate tells us more

Some lovely weather on offer today but do make the most of it as things are turning rather autumnal next week.

For now though, we'll enjoy a fine evening which will lead us into a dry night with clear skies for most.

Some mist could develop later on but it won't be as extensive as last night.

Out towards the far west cloud could begin to thicken up as we head towards morning.

Tomorrow and for msot of Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and parts of Dorset it will be another fine start to the day but for Cornwall that cloud will be increasing and creeping ever so slowly eastwards.

By the afternoon just the far east of our region will be clinging onto the sunshine wither cloud moving in elsewhere with perhaps the chance of a shower or two.

After that Monday looks rather cloid now with outbreaks of light rain.

Showers on Tuesday but hopefully some brightness inbetween but mostly cloud and rather breezy on Wednesday.