Whenever you get a chance to interview a senior politician, you are usually thinking about what questions you want to ask, the key story of the day, what people are talking about in the headlines. When we heard that our Political Correspondent Bob Constantine had a chance to interview the Deputy Prime Minister at the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton, we decided to see what our viewers had to say, what they would like us to grill him on.

We put out an appeal and you responded. Many of you wanted to ask about the famous broken promise, the decision over tuition fees. Here is what Nick Clegg had to say.

Another issue close to your hearts was the decision to pilot a badger cull in parts of West Somerset and Gloucestershire.

A trial cull of badgers has been given the go ahead to try to stop the spread of TB in cattle Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Many people in our region feel that a vaccination programme would be more effective and more humane than shooting badgers. One of our viewers wanted to know why, in her opinion, the Government was ignoring scientific advice. This was Nick Clegg's response

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