Devon & Cornwall Police stops forcing experienced officers to retire

Devon & Cornwall Police officers will no longer be forced to retire after 30 years service Credit: PA

Devon and Cornwall police' much criticised policy of forcing senior officers to retire after 30 years has been suspended with "immediate effect'. It means any serving officer told they must go after September 28th can now stay if they want to. The A19 regulation as its known was being used by the force to save money in the wake of multi million pound budget cuts.

The decision to use A19 to force officers to retire prompted a furious reaction from the police federation which represents rank and file officers. It's fought to get the policy changed and has welcomed the decision to suspend its use but has warned some of those already forced out may feel aggrieved, something acknowledged by the police authority.

But officers' relief could be short lived. A new police and crime commissioner is due to be elected in November. One of his or her first tasks will be to review the decision as part of the budget setting process for 2013/14.