Protesters scale fence at Hinkley Point

Protesters climb over fence at Hinkley Point nuclear power station Credit: ITV West/Westcountry

At least two protesters have managed to get onto the other side of the fence at Hinkley Point. Another was stopped by police as she tried to climb over.

More protesters have turned up with telescopic ladders. Police will not allow them to use them to put up posters.

Protesters show us their wild flower 'seed bombs' Credit: ITV West/Westcountry

Protesters have prepared 500 wild flower 'seed bombs' which they are throwing over the fence. They say they want to symbolically reclaim the land for nature.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett lends her support Credit: ITV West/Westcountry

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has arrived to support the action of the protesters.

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage. One further person was dealt with at the scene.