Cyclists warned as clocks go back

Cyclists warned as clocks go back Credit: PA, Anthony Devlin

Cyclists are being given advice to stay safe on their bikes by a Bristol-based charity as the clocks go back and the weather worsens.

Sustrans has drawn up a list of 10 key tips to make sure cyclists are prepared for darker nights and mornings.

It urges bike users to make sure they are visible, to use a bright waterproof jacket and to stay warm with shower-proof gloves and overshoes.

It suggests using a waterproof pannier bag to keep bags from getting wet, and advises on the use of mudguards with side stays to stop the saddle from getting wet, and covering it with a plastic bag when not in use.

The charity, which encourages people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more journeys, advises getting mid-winter services for bikes as they can deteriorate more quickly in the winter months, and to use good tyres to prevent skidding, as well as extra grip for pedals

By law, your bike must have a white front light and red rear light, constant or flashing, when cycling in the dark. To help with visibility, bling your arm, bag or clothing with extra lights. Don't let the grey mornings and long dark nights put you off cycling. Riding at night is just as fun and exciting as doing it in the day. It also gives you the chance to get a head start on everyone by staying fit in the colder months.