Plans to double the size of Sandy Park

Image of what Sandy Park would look like after the expansion. Credit: ITV Westcountry

Exeter Chiefs have been given approval on plans to double the size of the club's ground.

Exeter City Council planning team voted unanimously for the plans this afternoon to increase the stadium's capacity from 10,750 to 20,600. If all work is completed it will make Sandy Park one of the best rugby stadiums in the country.The plans include three new grandstands, additional parking, bus/coach drop off and extension to the west stand including conference centre to south stand.

The current ground is not only used by the rugby team but is used by the Police Dog Training Unit and Tactical Firearms Training Unit, who use the site to carry out operational training at the Chiefs ground Sandy Park.

The dog unit have used the Chief’s grounds on two occasions so far for drugs refresher courses. Drugs were hidden in specific areas of the site and the police dogs and handlers were tasked to sniff them out.