Bristol girl named Child of Courage

Seven year old Ramona saved her sister Trixie from certain death Credit: ITV News

Smiling outside Downing Street today were Ramona Gibbs and her little sister Trixie. They got to meet the Prime Minister after Ramona was named this year's Child of Courage.

In July last year she and Trixie were playing in front of their house in Bristol when she had a split second in which to make a life or death decision.

A 94 year old female driver mistook the accelerator for the brake and mounted the pavement at full throttle. Ramona pushed Trixie out of danger but was seriously injured herself. She needed five operations and spent 16 days in hospital but remarkably she has now recovered.

Last night she was recognised for her bravery at the Pride of Britain awards - and got to meet the stars of the X Factor in the process.

X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos said "She's a very brave girl and should be very proud of herself. I think it's probably a bit of an emotional ordeal having to watch all of that back and I think she's very brave tonight for sitting there and watching it back - and she did a great job."

Meanwhile, Flo and Jim Essex, from Yeovil, were named Fundraisers of the Year.

The couple, who are in their eighties, have raised more than £160,000 for charity over the last 20 years, running, swimming and even laying down on a bed of nails, all in aid of great causes.

Flo told us: "I'd like to thank everybody all around Yeovil area but we get people from France, Australia, New Zealand that seem to know us for one reason or another, and they just say: 'What are you doing next Flo?'"

Comedian Dawn French said of the couple: "I think I was more selfish with the sugar in my cappuccino this morning than these guys will ever be with anything in their whole lives. They've just raised so much money, they're utterly selfless and completely eccentric. That's my kind of people."

And you can see Ramona, Flo and Jim receiving their awards on ITV1 tonight at 8 o'clock.