Bristol mayoral election: we put candidates on the spot and ask what they will do for the city

Bristol mayoral election Credit: ITV West

In a series of hard-hitting interviews, The Westcountry Tonight presenter, Ian Axton, talks to candidates standing for Bristol mayor, asking why they should get the job and what they can offer the city.


Well known local figure, George Ferguson, is standing under the banner, Bristol 1st.

George Ferguson tells Ian Axton that he is a social entrepreneur with a track record of getting things done in the city. In the interview he says he is a millionaire, as is Barak Obama:


Geoff Gollop is the Conservative Party candidate. Bob Constantine looks at his long history in local politics:

Geoff Gollop tells Ian Axton that he wants to be the kind of "independent" mayor that Boris Johnson is in London.

An accountant by profession, he says he has management and financial skills, but revealed he didn't know how much the average council tax is, in the city:


Daniella Radice is the Green Party candidate for Bristol Mayor. Bob Constantine finds out about her background and what she stands for:

Daniella Radice tells Ian Axton that she feels it is an advantage having no previous political experience as she can come to the job with fresh eyes.

She has pledged to pay all council staff and contractors the "living wage" but is unclear just how much that would cost:


Marvin Rees is the Labour Party candidate for Bristol Mayor. Bob Constantine looks into his background and policies:

Marvin Rees tells Ian Axton he has always worked in the public sector but denies that's a disadvantage when it comes to understanding the needs of businesses in the city:


Jon Rogers is the Liberal Democrat candidate. He has been on the city council for seven years and is a retired GP:

He tells Ian Axton that if he's to deliver his pledge to reduce bus fares in Bristol to £1.50 quickly, it'll need the approval of David Cameron.

In total there are fifteen candidates standing for election as Bristol mayor. Here is the full list:

Bristol Mayoral candidates, George to Rogers.

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