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First day for Bristol's new mayor

George Ferguson is Bristol's first directly elected Mayor Photo: PA

Driving around the city in the tiny electric smart car he powers from solar panels, Bristol's newly elected Mayor is certainly something of a character. George Ferguson is known for his love of red trousers, and today he didn't disappoint.

The 65-year-old architect founded the Tobacco Factory arts centre in the city - so it was fitting that he should spend his first day as Mayor supporting the arts trail in Totterdown.

The Front Room Trail gives artists the opportunity to open up their homes to the public and show their work. As he walked around one of these exhibitions looking at the work on display, he told me: "I think the arts are a wonderful way of lifting the city's prospects in many ways. Britsol has got a good independent spirit. I mean what's happening here in Totterdown is a wonderful example of that sort of independent spirit. Who would think of a load of houses becoming art galleries? Totterdown set it off and it happens all over Bristol now. Well not quite all over Bristol but I would like to feel that we could penetrate all communities with this sort of spirit."

He's the first independent mayor to lead a major city in Britain. But what do people make of him?

One woman approved of his background as a patron of the arts. Another said: "Well hopefully he'll do a good job. There's a lot of pressure on him. Obviously it's good that he's freed from party politics."

His energy is also seen as a plus point. "He thinks outside the box. He's already proved himself in south Bristol with his entrepreneurship and I think he can put a lot of that energy into Bristol as well."

The Mayor's new job officially begins on Monday when he takes office and starts his four year term. But he's got a tough job ahead. He's facing cuts to the budget of 25 million pounds whilst also promising to make Bristol one of the best cities in the world.

You can watch Daisy Gray's report on George Ferguson's first day as Bristol's new Mayor here:

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