NOT the Turner Prize, the Turnip Prize gets underway

The Turnip Prize is now in its 14th year Credit: ITV News

Tonight organisers of this year's Turnip Prize will be announcing the winner at a pub in Somerset.

Now in its 14th year, its billed as an antidote to the Turner Prize. The Turnip Prize takes place in The New Inn in Wedmore. It celebrates art which has been thrown together with the least amount of thought possible.

Points are awarded for: 'lack of effort', and 'alliteration or pun used in the title'.

An artist's work can be disqualified by judges if it is suspected of having involved 'too much effort'.

And the prize itself? No cash, but quite literally a turnip, mounted on a six inch nail.

The Three Tenas, by an artist who calls herself Miss Quick Credit: Turnip Prize