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Will Jahmene from Swindon win the X Factor?

After months of auditions and showstopping performances, there are just two remaining contestants in the X Factor - and one of them is Swindon's very own Jahmene Douglas. The former supermarket shelf-stacker will go head to head with James Arthur in tonight's show, and everyone in Swindon is rooting for him.

Jahmene Douglas has been this year's silent assassin, quietly seeing off many of the show's expected big hitters. Last week he returned to Swindon to switch on the Christmas lights and was overwhelmed by the reception.

Jahmene Douglas switched on the Christmas lights in Swindon last week Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire/

He told us: "To come back and see the streets filled with people that know how to pronounce my name, it's just insane. And they're just screaming like every time you make a movement towards them, it's screaming and it's just love and you get that energy and it fills you back up."

Only a few months ago he was patrolling the aisles of Asda marking down best before products. Week after week he's managed to avoid reaching his own sell-by-date - with the whole of Swindon behind him.

Former Asda colleague Neil Clements had this good luck message for him:

"We think you're going to win it. Your team are right behind you here in Heydon so go for it and we'll hopefully see you as an international star in the next few months.

Former bandmate Lee Douglas also wished him well: "Good luck in the X Factor, we're all rooting for you. It was amazing playing with you in the band and I'm really proud to see you doing so well."

Jahmene has spoken of the difficult life he and his mother had during his childhood and how he wants to win the contest for her. We're only a few hours away from finding out if that dream will come true.

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