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Cat rescued after being trapped under a train

Polly the tabby, is thought to have climbed on board the train in Plymouth Photo: ITV West Country

A missing cat has been rescued from a train - after stowing away in the undercarriage for 1,700 miles. Polly the tabby, who had a badly-broken leg, is thought to have climbed on board the high speed express near her home in Plymouth.

She then spent two days trapped under the front carriage as the train thundered between the West Country, London and South Wales.

The two-year-old was only discovered when train manager Emily Mahoney-Smith heard her miaowing for help when the train stopped briefly on its way to Cornwall.

Emily said the cat could only have got into the sealed unit when the panels were removed for maintenance at the shunting depot near her home.

She is now recovering at the vets in Penzance.

The train staff brought the cat to the surgery. She was in quite a bad way with a very nasty, open fracture to her front left leg.I think it's extremely possible that the cat was stuck on the train for several days, from the way its leg was looking."The fracture was easily four or five days' old by the time we operated. It wasn't something that had happened a couple of hours' before."

– Matthew, Vet
Polly is now recovering at the vets in Penzance Credit: ITV West Country

She dashed out of the back door and we thought she'd gone for good.We missed her and were very surprised when the cattery rang to say she'd been found and was in Penzance.She's lost her front paw and is now on antibiotics and resting but we can't wait to have her back - she's certainly seen more of the country than we have."

– Louisa Westington, Owner