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New parking zones for Bristol

Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson wants to introduce another 20 parking zones Photo: Credit: PA

People will have to pay to park outside their homes in most of Bristol's neighbourhoods. That's the plan of mayor George Ferguson who says the current resident parking zones are a success.

He wants to extend the number of zones from three to 24. Permits cost £30 for the first car and £80 for a second.

There are currently three parking zones in Bristol: Kingsdown, Cotham and Redliffe. Another is already proposed in Easton.

Another 20 will be created if the Mayor gets his way. Cotham North, Redland, St Andrew's, Montpelier and St Pauls would be the first areas to get the zones. In South Bristol Bedminster, Southville, Ashton and Windmill Hill will be some of the neighbourhoods affected.

A consultation period will now start and all the zones should be introduced by December 2014.

But Bristol's charges are the cheapest in the region. An annual permit currently costs £30 for the first car. A second car costs £80. The same permit in Taunton costs £35 a year, Swindon is £40, Gloucester and Cheltenham are £80 and Bath is the most expensive at £100.

The current permit schemes mean residents must buy a permit to park in controlled zones between 9am and 5pm. Anyone can park outside those times. Some areas have pay and display meters for brief visits. People can get 100 visitors' parking permits. The first 50 are free, the second 50 cost £1 each.

For many residents there is an urgent problem that needs solving. For many others, if we don’t work on schemes now, they’ll be badly affected further down the line.

I’m not prepared to drag this out over several years.

– Mayor George Ferguson