The parents of a freelance videographer from Devon who has been charged with piracy by Russian authorities after a protest at an Arctic oil rig said they are "extremely worried" about their 29-year-old's son.

Greenpeace said two activists, one believed to be Kieron Bryan from Shebbear, had tried to climb the side of the drilling platform and hang a banner. They said Russian security services had abseiled from a helicopter onto the deck of the Arctic Sunrise and seized the ship at gunpoint.

The boat and protesters were taken from the Arctic's Pechora sea, near to Gazprom's platform, and transferred to the port of Murmansk.

Our son is a very kind, caring individual and environmental issues have always been very close to his heart. He would sympathise with the cause but he was simply there doing his job as a freelance videographer." Mr Bryan, a freelance filmmaker and videographer, previously worked at The Times. He was hired on a short-term contract by Greenpeace to document its work on Russian oil exploration in the Arctic Circle.