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David Cameron defends criticism over Hinkley Point power station

The Prime Minister has insisted that plans for the UK's first nuclear power station in a generation at Hinkley Point was "not a deal at any price".

His comments come after criticism that the electricity it produces will be bought at twice the current market rate.

Speaking to ITV News Westcountry, he said the deal was a "huge vote of confidence" for Somerset and the workforce at Hinkley Point.

When asked whether he would like to live in Stogursey with the engineering work taking place on your door step he said:

There's been a lot of consultation of local people, there are extra roads and bypasses, and the like being built. There is more work being done with local people but the general impression I get is that here in Somerset there is support for the buckler programme, because people have seen Hinkley A and Hinkley B. It has been built by their fathers, it has been operated by their brothers and sisters, it's part of the local community, it's a huge provider of jobs, and that's why I think the investment will be welcomed.

ITV News Westcountry questioned the Prime Minister on the environmental safety of the site, with Cardiff and Bristol situated down wind. Mr Cameron said:

People evan have real confidence that the standards couldn't possibly be higher and they are currently investing in new ways to make these plants even safer. But at the end of the day it is jobs, it is investment.

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