Poirot's Dead Man's Folly filmed at Greenway House in Devon

Actor David Suchet Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Poirot fans are eagerly anticipating the next instalment of the hit TV drama which airs on ITV later this week, Dead Man's Folly will be one of the last starring actor David Suchet.

David Suchet went to school in Wellington in Somerset, and filmed his latest scenes at Agatha Christie's former holiday home in Devon.

The story starts when Hercule Poirot, famed Belgian detective, is invited to attend a murder mystery fête, but when the murder becomes all too real, Poirot must begin his investigation.

The location for the story was inspired by Agatha Christie's holiday home, Greenway House in Devon… Greenway was even used in the filming and this is where David Suchet played the famous role for the last time. Belinda Smith, National Trust said:

Due to the fact that Greenway is such a special place to the family and Agatha Christie, everyone decided that it would be appropriate and fitting to film the very last scene of Hercule Poirot hare at Greenway so in the series you actually have Dead Man's Folly as the second one that's coming out this week but Curtain the last Poirot is the last one to be aired.

The venue is a treasure trove of Christie memorabilia.

In 1938 Agatha Christie bought Greenway House, during the war it was requisitioned and used by American officers and at one point she thought she might have to sell it to pay a tax bill.

But she managed to keep her summer retreat by writing a few more best sellers.

The house now owned by the National Trust was even kept open during filming. Belinda Smith said:

Picturesque backdrop for Poirot Credit: ITV News Westcountry

We felt it would be really lovely to share such an experience with the visitors. We see about eight hundred visitors a day but because the filming was taking place mainly outside and around the boathouse here at Greenway we could actually keep it open to visitors, and our staff and volunteers worked extremely hard to make sure everyone enjoyed it and the actors were fantastic. They could actually walk around the site in costume, go between hair and make-up and sets, and actually engage with visitors at the same time so it was a brilliant experience for everyone, and when he's in costume he's actually Hercule Poirot completely, so when he was going in between sets he would actually still be Hercule Poirot in the shop or around the court yard in character, and if he had to talk to anyone and if he was meeting people he would actually do so in character as well, but it was fantastic because everyone could just come across him as we could with Tom Elllis and Zoe Wanamaker and Sam Kelly it was brilliant.

Since 1989 there have been three James Bonds, six Doctor Who's but only one Hercule Poirot.