Taunton Theatre Association gets green light to reopen Brewhouse

The show will go on at Taunton's Brewhouse Theatre

It's been closed for almost a year but now the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton will open in the New Year after a community group was granted the lease.

The Brewhouse was shut after going into administration in February, but last night the borough council agreed to lease it a not-for-profit organisation set up to try to save it.

Val Hammond, Taunton Theatre Association: thrilled the theatre has a future "The cheers went up and it was just wonderful"
Mark Cracknell, Director of Music, Taunton School: Taunton "needs somewhere where the arts are on display all the time"

The council is putting in £152,000 a year, but the theatre directors will need to raise £250,000 a year putting on a mix of amateur and professional performances.

David Woodland reports: