We've all enjoyed opening little doors on advent calendars to find what surprise is behind it. In Ashburton, Devon however, children have had a much bigger and more exciting way to count down the days to Christmas. People living in the town have turned a whole street, St Lawrence Lane, into a giant advent calendar, and obviously it's proved very popular.

There's a tradition in Germany for large public buildings that happen to have 24 windows being given over as giant advent calendars, but this is the first time I've know an entire street given over the idea. And it's a particularly good place for it.

"We've got two sides of the road to use with plenty of windows looking out. It's the main route for children going to school and nursery. And it's a very friendly street, so I sent out 35 letters to people, businesses and homes, and I had 28 positive replies from people wanting to be involved in it."

Sarah organised this month-long event, but says she stole the idea from her aunt in Cambridge. Already it looks like this is the start of an Ashburton tradition.

Christmas card competition in post office Credit: ITV News West Country

The very last display will be revealed on Christmas Eve in the Post Office. They've already organised a Christmas card competition for the local school children.

All the cards are displayed in the Post Office and the children come in and look at them all. The winner had 250 cards printed which we've been selling for charity."

The idea has made it a special Christmas for everyone involved, and for the hundreds who've come to enjoy their efforts.

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