Village of Muchelney trapped by floodwaters

There's a risk even travelling by boat to Muchelney because of the danger posed by submerged cars. Credit: ITV

More than one hundred residents are trapped in their village after floods have left all access roads under three feet of water.

The Somerset village of Muchelney, which lies between Taunton and Yeovil, has been cut off for four days after the roads flooded.

Residents can now only leave the village by boat - the water is so deep not even a tractor can make it through.

Asda delivering supplies by boat in Muchelney Credit: ITV

Muchelney - which rather aptly means ‘Big Island’ in Saxon - was devastated last year after suffering the worst floods in 90 years.

It is thought the residents may remain trapped for a further two weeks - if the weather reports predicting more rain are accurate.

The English Heritage property Muchelney Abbey is also located in the village, which is situated next to the River Parrett,

Muchelney has been cut off for four days after the roads flooded. Credit: ITV

Paul Fleet lives in Mulcheney and has been flooded for the second time:-

Bob Cruse reports from Muchelney:-