Many people living on the Somerset Levels are cut off by the floods. The area is continuing to fill up as water pours in from nearby hills.

Residents and farmers argue that better dredging of rivers and waterways on the Levels would ease the flooding.

Our Somerset Correspondent David Woodland has spent the day with people battling against the elements at Moorland, near Bridgwater.

Northmoor pumping station is working at full tilt. Extra generators, pumps and pipes have been brought in. But the water running in is greater than that going out.

People in the area are calling for massive dredging, advance warnings, sandbags and a barrage at the mouth of the river Parrett to solve the problem.

The Environment Agency stopped regular dredging more than a decade ago, and a proposed new scheme is £2 million short.

Now MPs are warning something must be done, as our Political Correspondent Bob Constantine reports.