Noodle the dog helping children to read

Noodle in the classroom. Credit: ITV News West Country

A head teacher from South Gloucestershire says she's seen a big improvement in her pupils' behaviour and learning after introducing her dog to the classroom.

Noodle, the spaniel-poodle cross breed, is now a permanent fixture at Wallscourt Farm Academy in Stoke Gifford.

Research has shown that specially trained dogs can improve academic achievement, calm children's behaviour and increase social skills.

Noodle is still in the early stages of his own training to become a classroom dog but he's already proved popular with the children.

But like any good worker, Noodle isn't just there for the happy times. From comforting children who've hurt themselves, to heping out with discipline, he gets involved.

Noodle takes a nap. Credit: ITV News West Country

Staff hope Noodle's presence will be helping children academically and socially for years to come. And for this dedicated dog, it's all in a day's work.

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