New military technology demonstrated in Wiltshire

The Government has spent £50 million on the new technology Credit: ITV News West Country

British forces are to be equipped with new kit to help them identify targets more clearly. The technology - that's cost the Government more than £50 million - will help troops operated with confidence while patrolling at night.

The military's latest 'battle winning' weapon is a laser fitted to a rifle that's designed to light up targets 800 metres away.

A simulated night time exercise was set up at the First Battalion Yorkshire Regiment's base in Warminster in Wiltshire to show how the new technology works.

The laser, which is invisible to the naked eye at night, can only be seen through specialist goggles and highlights potential targets.

The new laser sights can only be seen using specialist goggles Credit: ITV News West Country

Alongside the lasers, 15,000 binoculars are also being supplied to British troops plus - four thousand night vision goggles.

This new standard of kit - is already going into in Afghanistan - eventually its intended to become a core weapons of war.

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