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A lucky escape in the storm on the way home from work

Bob Cruwys and the giant tree which narrowly missed him Photo: Bob Cruwys, ITV News West Country

I had a narrow escape in the storm last night. Driving home from work at about 7pm I found my way blocked by a huge oak tree which had fallen across the road.

I got out of the car to assess the damage, at which point another very large tree, a lime, fell across the road 200 metres behind me, trapping me, and my car, in between.

It was pitch dark, raining hard and very windy and it felt like more trees could be blown down at any moment.

The second tree came down less than two minutes after I drove past. I'm counting my blessings this morning.

A close up view of the fallen tree & trapped car Credit: Bob Cruwys, ITV News West Country
Bob Cruwys had a lucky escape Credit: Bob Cruwys, ITV News West Country
The ground is so wet the roots of this oak couldn't hold on. Credit: Bob Cruwys, ITV News West Country

This is about 2 miles from my home near Tiverton in mid Devon.

A workman tackles one of the fallen trees Credit: ITV News West Country

Here's Bob's full report on his adventure........

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