Key statistics about the floods

The Somerset Levels have been flooded for weeks Credit: ITV News West Country
  • Six - the number of inches of fast-flowing water that could knock a person off their feet. The Environment Agency (EA) has warned people to steer clear of flood water where possible.

  • 16 - the number of severe flood warnings - indicating danger to life - issued by the EA.

  • 23 - the number of days it rained in January.

  • 45 - the number of years since the UK saw a December this windy, according the the Met Office.

  • 90.9 - the millimetres of rainfall in seen in the south west of England during the first 12 days of February - 328% of what would normally be expected, according to MeteoGroup.

  • 138 years since it was this this wet during December and January in England and Wales.

  • 183.8 - the millimetres of rainfall in January across the UK - 51% higher than the average for the first month of the year, said the Met Office.

  • 1995 - the wettest winter on record in the UK when 485.1mm of rain fell between December and the end of February, according to the Met Office. In the 2013/14 winter to February 10, 429.2mm of rainfall had already been recorded, meaning this winter is on track to be one of the wettest on record.

  • 130,000 - the number of homes and businesses that were without power across the country last night.