World War II bomb destroyed off Somerset coast

The device was discovered in the sand at low tide near Kewstoke Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

It didn't do its job back in the Second World War and now it won't damage anyone ever again. The unexploded shell was spotted in the sand by a member of the public at low tide.

The Royal Navy bomb disposal team was called in from Plymouth and arrived at the site at St Thomas Head near Kewstoke earlier today.

Although the discovery may seem extremely dangerous to us, it's a not uncommon sight for the team who have had to deal with a number of instances of unexploded ordnance turned up by the winter storms.

PO Diver Cocking from the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team says the device was quite large and could do some serious damage if disturbed.

Police had already put a 500 metre cordon in place. The team faced a long wait before they could take action - the bomb needed to be covered by at least six metres of water before they could carry out their task safely.

At exactly 7 pm the explosion took place - you can see the video here.