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8/24 operating theatres up and running at Southmead

8/24 operating theatres up and running at Southmead Photo: ITV News West Country

ITV News has discovered that only 8 out of the 24 operating theatres at Southmead Hospital's new building are up and running because of a problem with the airflow system into the theatres. It's impacting on the number of operations that can be done there - and one man from Tickenham near Clevedon has had his procedure cancelled four times in the last month.

It's a 7mm stone so it won't go past by itself so they took me in and I've seen a consultant and the consultant said you'll have to have this procedure done which they tried and they couldn't find the stone at that time."

– Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan was diagnosed with a large kidney stone in October last year but in the month that followed Mr Ryan was diagnosed with sepsis and rushed to hospital where a stint was fitted in his kidney. This is a temporary measure until the stone can to be surgically removed.

Since March Mr Ryan has been waiting for the operation - he thought it was be this month - but the date has already been changed four times. At one point Mr Ryan was told his operation, that is due to be in the new theatres in the Brunel building at Southmead Hospital could be on the 21st May but that too was cancelled and rearranged.

Now ITV News has found out that only 8 out the the 24 theatres in the news Brunel building are in use - because of a problem with the air flow systems that have been incorporated to eliminate infection risk.

We only reschedule operations when it is absolutely necessary. There was always going to be a phased process in opening the new theatres and fewer operations were scheduled for this period. Emergency surgery is being carried out as needed.

– North Bristol NHS trust

You can watch our Health Correspondent Katie Rowlett's report on this below: