UKIP top polls but Green Party win first South West seat

The South West's European election results Credit: ITV News West Country

UKIP topped the poll in the South West region, with 32 per cent, though they narrowly failed to gain an extra MEP, remaining on two.

Instead the Conservatives lost a seat to Labour, and on a disastrous night for the Lib Dems, they lost a seat to the Greens, who now have their first MEP for the South West in Stroud councillor Molly Scott Cato.

It was a bad night for the Liberal Democrats, who now have no seats in Brussels.

The results mean an end to the distinguished career in the European Parliament for the veteran Lib Dem Sir Graham Watson, first elected 20 years ago.

UKIP won in 24 out of 38 council areas, mostly pushing the Tories into second place. Nigel Farage's party held their two seats and narrowly missed out on a third.

The Conservatives were down 1% on their vote in the last European election. It was enough to see them retain seats for both Ashley Fox and Julie Girling.

The Labour Party doubled the vote they received in the previous European election. It was enough to gain a seat for their lead candidate Claire Moody.

  • Votes cast in the South West

  • UKIP - 484,184

  • Conservatives - 433,151

  • Labour - 206,124

  • Green Party - 166,447

  • Liberal Democrats - 160,376

You can see Bob Constantine's full report below.