World's largest butterfly survey shows health of environment

A peacock butterfly and a small tortoiseshell bask on a buddleia Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA

Nature lovers will be helping to count butterflies as part of the world's largest butterfly survey. The Wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation is asking people to look for the Red Admiral, Common Blue, Painted Lady and other Big Butterfly Count species during the event on at Kynance Cove, near The Lizard to give them an idea of how healthy our environment is.

“Butterflies fought back last year after a terrible 2012 but despite this, butterfly numbers were still below average. Three-quarters of the UK’s butterflies are in decline and one-third are in danger of extinction.

Sir David Attenborough, Butterfly Conservation’s President
Painted Lady butterfly will be counted Credit: Hinrich BÀsemann/DPA/Press Association Images

“This is the perfect opportunity to take part in some final counts in a location that is quite simply breath-taking.

Jo Poland, Cornwall Branch of Butterfly Conservation