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Stroud to host radical financial rescue scheme

There has been an alarming increase in the need for Foodbanks Photo: ITV News

Stroud in Gloucestershire is to be the trial venue for a radical scheme aimed at halting the alarming increase in people being referred to foodbanks in severe financial difficulty. The scheme could revolutionise how the UK’s leading foodbank charity works and will see foodbanks partner with debt and money-management charities to provide instant financial help to people in foodbanks at the point of crisis. The Trussell Trust scheme has been funded by a six figure donation from Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis

‘It’s deeply concerning that the basics of dignified life in modern Britain - food, heat and electricity – can fall out of reach for so many. High prices, static incomes, problems with benefits and harsh welfare sanctioning are forcing people into extreme financial difficulty. When you’re facing stark choices between eviction or feeding the family, debt and high interest loans can seem to offer a short term solution, the reality is that this often forces finances to spiral out of control. ‘By introducing a ‘financial triage’ service in foodbanks, where clients are able to connect with free financial and debt advice, people will be given professional help to manage tight finances, avoid pay day lenders and structure debt to prevent the situation from getting worse and to help people break out of crisis much faster.’

– David McAuley, Trussell Trust Chief Executive

Martin Lewis told ITV News how he hopes the scheme might help those in financial trouble