Investigating Agatha

Kylie Pentelow explores her love of Agatha Christie

The first was The Clocks... and then I was off. Since the age of 12 I haven't stopped reading Agatha Christie books. The latest was Death on the Nile - probably my favourite.

So when I was given the opportunity to film pieces about the legendary author I jumped at the chance.

The filming has taken me from Wales, to London and back to the West Country. During my research I've found out even more about the author and woman, who died 38 years ago - yet is still relevant today.

On the trail I've interviewed her grandson and been given exclusive access to the family archive. I've also spoken to the crime author Sophie Hannah who was tasked with bringing Poirot back to life. And inside her family holiday home I discovered how she would spend her days, and even got to take a peak inside her wardrobe - still containing glamorous gowns.

Kylie went to interview Sophie Hannah outside Poirot's London residence, Whitehaven Mansion's Credit: ITV West Country

Sadly the place we didn't get to include is Burgh Island where Agatha was inspired to write numerous books - including And Then There Were None. I did go there a couple of years ago and made a little film about the Art Deco hotel. Here's a link to the piece:

I've tailored a number of holidays to follow in Agatha's footsteps- including a trip on the Nile!

So what is it about the author that I like so much? In a word: Poirot. I exclusively read her books on the Belgian detective (sorry, Miss Marple doesn't do it for me!)

There is something about that man and his little grey cells that I love to hate. And David Suchet playing him in the ITV series has filled my Sunday afternoons for years. If you haven't seen 'Evil Under The Sun' then go and watch it immediately. It's a masterpiece of crime writing turned into a fantastic piece of television.

As they air, my pieces will all be on this website. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I've enjoyed making them.