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More controversial parking plans for Bristol

Plans to abolish free all-day parking on Bristol's famous Durdham Downs Photo: ITV West Country/Richard Payne

New plans to severely restrict parking on Bristol's historic Downs have been revealed as the latest, controversial attempt to cut down on commuters using the city's streets.

George Ferguson insists the new scheme is better for Bristol Credit: PA

Mayor George Ferguson has divided opinion with a rapid roll-out of residents' parking zones and now risks further anger by removing the Downs' 500 free spaces. He insists it's for long-term good of the city.

The reason I get a lot of criticism is because I've grasped the nettle and decided we've got to do this in an holistic manner and Bristol will be better for it. This is part of a much bigger picture. It's not about parking, it's about health, it's about the environment, it's about the quality of our air and it's about creating a civilised and good city to live in.

– George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol
Signs at the Downs outline the plans for the new scheme Credit: ITV West Country/Richard Payne

But for commuters who rely on being able to park all day for free say the new plans could jeopordise their jobs.

Siobhan Breslin says will have to find a new job if she is unable to park on the Downs.