Family's five-year campaign to remove 'monster' spider from their home

A spider has remained in the family's garage wall for around five years. Credit: YouTube/The Gibblets

By Jamie Roberton: ITV News

A family from Plymouth continue to be frustrated in their attempts to lure a "monster" black spider out of a wall in their home.

James Gibson, 27, told ITV West Country his family spotted the huge spider's legs emerging from a hole in their garage wall in their Plymouth home five years ago, and it has remained ever since.

The Gibsons decided to film their latest bid to entice it out.

Four-year-old Charlie thought a "fly puppet" may encourage it to flee, and the youngster's plan almost worked.

The spider - known as "Mr Long Legs" - dramatically leaps out of the hole before retreating rapidly back into the wall as the family, which also includes Katy, 24, Harry, three, and 23-month-old Olivia, watch on.

The huge spider retreated back to the hole after surprising the family by leaping towards them. Credit: YouTube/The Gibblets

The father-of-three, who films a daily family "vlog" for "The Gibblet's" YouTube channel, believes the intruder is a green-fanged spider but has no official confirmation.

Speaking to ITV West Country, Mr Gibson said the family have now decided to leave the spider in its "little home" with no further plans to try and remove it.

"I think everyone would run a mile if came out of its hole at that speed again. We will leave him be in his little house."