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Medical support ship docked at Falmouth is heading to Sierra Leone to help fight Ebola

The RFA Argus will be bringing support to fight Ebola Photo: PA

A medical support ship is off the coast of Cornwall, preparing to sail to Sierra Leone in West Africa as part of efforts to stop the spread of Ebola.

RFA Argus will be deployed to provide support and transport to more than 750 military personnel.

The ship, which has a fully-equipped hospital including critical care and high-dependency units, arrived in Falmouth today for loading, before it sails to Sierra Leone next week.

It will travel with three Merlin helicopters, aircrew and engineers to provide transport and support to medical teams and aid workers.

The British deployment to West Africa will help with the establishment of Ebola treatment centres and an Ebola training academy in a bid to prevent the spread of the disease.

The announcement came as the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that sporadic cases in Europe are “unavoidable”.

The disease has, so far, killed around four thousand people in West Africa.

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