Meet the UK's first blind darts team

The Optimists play in the Dolphin Inn, Grampound.

A group of friends in Cornwall will be making history tonight, as they play their inaugural match as Britain’s first ever blind darts team.

Richard Pryor, Sharon Waters, Rachael Beresford and Carol Pirret are all visually impaired or totally blind. They've developed an innovative way of playing their game, using a piece of string attached to the bull’s-eye to help guide their aim.

Humorously dubbing their team “The Optimists”, the pioneering players admit to causing a bit of damage to the inside of their local pub during practice, but say the holes in the door add a bit of character.

The team will play their first match at The Dolphin Inn in Grampound, after pub landlord Joe Fryer invited Richard and the team to take part in a charity match for the Rotary Club.

Richard has been completely blind for 38 years. He runs a monthly support group after becoming worried that services for those with impaired vision have suffered due to government cuts.

The Optimists will play their first match this evening, and are then looking to keep on practising and expand their membership.

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