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Eight-year-old joins aid effort for Ebola-hit country

Charlie Baxter is among volunteers collecting goods which will soon be shipped to Sierra Leone. Photo: ITV News

A Cornwall-based charity says it's been overwhelmed by public support following its appeal for life-saving aid to tackle the ebola outbreak in West Africa.

A ship packed with supplies will leave Falmouth for Sierra Leone shortly.

Organisers at ship repair company A&P Falmouth say they have been inundated with gifts since the appeal launched three weeks ago.

Some of the many donations destined for ebola-hit Sierra Leone Credit: ITV News

An estimated £50,000 worth of goods have been donated providing vital provisions to send to the All as One orphanage and four other Sierra Leone charities.

The Gypsum Centennial, which is in Falmouth for a refit, will be returning to Sierra Leone at the weekend.

The Gypsum Centennial in dry dock at Falmouth Credit: ITV News

Individual stories of generosity include a £5,000 donation from one Falmouth resident and a Cornish firm donating 100 boxes for packing.

Items being sent include dry and tinned food, pasta, rice, and hygiene items such as soap, handwash and sanitiser.

The food prices have gone sky high in Sierra Leone due to the fact that there are not as many ships that want to call there so most of the shops are quite empty and the prices have got quite high.

– Marjolijn Postma, Ship's Owner

Some of the donations were made by an eight year old Cornish boy whose dad is on board RFA Argus that left for Sierra Leone in October.

Eight-year-old Charlie Baxter wants to help people affected by ebola Credit: ITV News

I decided to send things to people in Sierra Leone that don't really have any food because the food prices have gone up and they aren't allowed out of their houses because all of the other people might catch ebola.

– Charlie Baxter

The Gypsum Centennial will arrive in Sierra Leone for Christmas and for some children it's likely to be one they're never likely to forget.

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