Young ballroom dancer finds new partner following nationwide appeal

Maddie Rudkin from Stroud is very happy to have found dance partner Josh Credit: ITV News

A young ballroom dancer has found a new partner after appealing to the nation on Good Morning Britain. Joshua Hicks thought his dancing days were numbered when he failed to find a partner close to his home in Newport in South Wales.

Step forward Maddie Rudkin from Stroud. Her teacher, Sam Ellis of Britannia Dance Studios, saw Joshua's plea and she now makes a 45 minute journey to Chepstow to have lessons.

Josh had been on the verge of hanging up his dancing shoes forever. He'd advanced as far as he could in competitions by dancing with his teacher, but in order to go further he needed a partner his own age.

Finding each other was the answer to a prayer for both of them. Maddie says:

"My dance teacher, Sam Ellis, saw Josh on ITV and and he said let's give Josh's mum a ring and see how it goes from there, and it all worked out."

Josh says: "I've had a couple of dance partners before and they were all really good but it's just nice to have someone similar height and similar age."