Dorset's Monkey World welcomes baby orang-utans

Reike and Bulu will grow up together in Dorset Credit: Monkey World

Monkey World in Dorset has welcomed a second baby Sumatran orang-utan to the park.

Six week-old baby Rieke arrived last night from Berlin Zoo and was introduced to her new adopted brother Bulu.

Reike was rejected at birth by her mother so zookeepers had to intervene and take care of the critically endangered infant. And having gained 800g since birth she was strong enough to make the move to Dorset.

Monkey World is home to the European crèche for orphaned orang-utans and provides sanctuary for any youngsters that are not cared for by their mothers

Importantly there are six other orang-utans already living there to help Reike and Bulu feel right at home.

Reike seems happy! Credit: ITV News