Revealed: the first celebrity statue ahead of Bristol's Shaun the Sheep trail

A selection of the 'Shaun in the City' sculptures in front of Big Ben Credit: Shaun in the City

Shaun the sheep is heading to the big city - but fans needn't worry, he'll be back in Bristol soon.

Next month, fifty Shaun statues will form a trail through London, each designed by a different artist or celebrity.

The first of these unique creations to be revealed is the shocking pink "Wooly Wiggle" by fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes. She was adamant that her Shaun be as iconic as she is:

Another seventy colourful sheep will make their way to Bristol in July, where they'll lead people on a trail through the landmarks of Shaun's home town.

In October, they'll be auctioned off to raise money for the Wallace & Gromit Children’s Foundation, which supports sick children in hospitals throughout the UK. When Gromit featured in a similar trail in 2013, the statues went for a total of £2.3 million.

The Bristol ‘Shaun in the City’ trail will feature 70 different sculptures and run from Monday 6th July to Monday 31st August.