Businesses in Bristol have told ITV News they're moving out of an area earmarked for the latest residents' parking zone

One company employing 30 people and paying thirty-five thousand pounds a year in business rates is among those quitting Clifton Village where the scheme starts on Monday. But Mayor George Ferguson remains adamant his city-wide plans are good for residents and will cut congestion.

At Taxi Studio, bright young designers come up with even brighter ideas to help their clients sell their products. But after nearly 10 years building a successful business in Bristol's Clifton Village, it's the premises that are now up for sale. Driven elsewhere, says the company's co-founder, by the latest Residents' Parking Zone to hit the city.

A private medical centre is another business in fear of its future. Trisha Tanner, Practice Manager at Litfield House, says it's already lost consultants, staff and patients as a direct result of the impending restrictions.

Some have already declared war on George Ferguson's restrictions, claiming an area once beloved by the Georgians, and now thousands of tourists, is a unique residential and commercial mix not suited to the Mayor's city-wide plan.

Nearly a third of Clifton businesses say they will move out of the area or are seriously considering doing so as a direct result of the RPZ. More than 80% said their business would be either negatively or very negatively affected by the RPZ and nearly 85% said they were against the scheme as proposed.

George Ferguson wasn't available for an interview today but insisted Feedback from areas where schemes are up and running, paint a very different picture.

The issue is set for a stormy debate next Tuesday when campaigners will challenge the legality of the entire idea.