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Historians oppose Stonehenge roadworks

A campaign group will meet at Stonehenge later in protest against government plans to widen the road next to it.

Three historians are uniting with the Stonehenge Alliance to oppose millions of pounds worth of investment by the Department for Transport which could see less congestion on the A303 and a tunnel under the World Heritage Site.

Around the world we see pictures of our fellow humans smashing the treasures of the past and count ourselves lucky that we live in a country which values its rich history and appreciates what it offers modern Britain.

Our heritage helps us understand ourselves, how we got here and where we are going.

Of all our many treasures on these islands, none is more internationally revered than Stonehenge. We have recently started to realise that the standing stones are just a beginning, they sit at the heart of the world's most significant and best preserved Stone Age landscape.

The government's plans endanger this unique site.

– Dan Snow, President of the Council for British Archaeology,
A303 near Stonehenge Credit: PA: Steve Parsons

Stonehenge is one of Britain’s greatest treasures and it is important to note that English Heritage and National Trust support our plans.

It is essential that we ensure this site of cultural and historical significance is safeguarded as we progress with the upgrade.

As with any road scheme, we will consult with interested parties before any building begins on the A303.

– Department for Transport spokesman