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Election season arrives in the South West

General Election 2015 kicks off in earnest today.

The fight for 10 Downing Street starts in earnest today with the dissolution of Parliament. MPs are on the campaign trail - and as a key battleground for votes, the South West is likely to be visited by all the main party leaders between now and polling day.

The Prime Minister will be visiting one of the Conservatives' target seats in Wiltshire today, while Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls will be in the area tomorrow. We'll keep you updated as the campaigns hot up.

Current Political Map of the West

Political map of the West Credit: ITV News

Here's our Political Correspondent Bob Constantine's review of the key target seats in the West

Conservative Target Seats

Conservative Targets Credit: ITV News

Labour Target Seats

Labour Targets Credit: ITV News

Other Party Target Seats

Other party targets Credit: ITV News