Avon needs YOU... to join the toad patrol

8,000 toads were rescued across Avon last year. Credit: ITV West Country

Think of animal migrations, and you probably don't think of inner city Bristol - but the city is teeming with wildlife, with many of its animals on the move for the breeding season. One example is toads, who doggedly make a trip back to their ancestral pond each year to spawn - sometimes a journey of a kilometre.

But their annual migration takes them across busy roads. Thousands of them would be killed each year, were it not for teams of volunteers coming to their rescue.

There are several toad patrol groups operating in the Avon area - in 2014 they rescued 8,000 toads in all. Toads move at night - but only mild, damp nights - so the patrols can be sporadic.

The Avon Reptile & Amphibian Group is calling on more people to join in. The group coordinates toad patrols in:

  • Fishponds

  • Bath

  • Chew Valley

  • Portishead

The group is also looking to start new patrols elsewhere. Independent toad patrols also take place across Somerset, Gloucestershire and Avon:

  • Pill

  • Abbotts Leigh

  • Yatton

  • Brewham

  • Castle Cary

  • Edington Village

  • Mells

  • Priddy

  • Rumwell

  • Winscombe Hill

In Fishponds, access to the toad's favourite pond has been granted by the Alcove Angling Club. Toads thrive in ponds with fish, as the frogs and newts are eaten, but the toads are left. This means they can enjoy all the food they would otherwise have to share with their amphibian cousins.

Want to see the rescue team in action? See below for our full report: