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Breast cancer patient vows to fight landlords over eviction

Jess's home in Easton, Bristol Photo: ITV News

A breast cancer patient is fighting eviction as she claims the landlords simply want to increase the rent.

Jess McLean has been at her home in Easton for less than two years, but now she's been issued a notice saying that she must leave.

The mother-of-two is taking legal advice and has been told to challenge the eviction on the account of the notice to quit being invalid.

Mrs McLean - who's due to move out tomorrow - says she'll refuse.

The mother-of-two is determined to challenge the eviction Credit: ITV News

Suddenly I was going to be homeless again with my two children. We've been not sleeping properly, very stressed. Horrible situation for anyone to find themselves in.

They know I had cancer. Which just goes to show how uncaring they are. Kicking us out on the street. I know they just want to increase the rent. They want to get us out so they can bump the rent up to £850 or even more.

– Jess McLean
The eviction notice Credit: ITV News

The landlords say she has been paying a reduced rent of seven hundred pounds a month.

The landlords have issued the following statement:

The current market rent for a 3 bed house in the area is 20-25% higher than Ms McLean is paying. We have resisted two rate increases for Ms McLean despite this being clearly stated in her tenancy agreement. Whilst we would always take personal circumstances into consideration and have done so with Ms McLean for the duration of her tenancy, ultimately we are running a business and it needs to be financially viable.

– Jess Properties