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Charity runners vow to continue despite being attacked with a bottle

Dave Reynolds was hit over the head with a bottle as he ran with his wife Photo: Eve Hazelton/My Fancy Year

A seaside town has turned out in support of a a charity runner who was attacked the night before.

Dave Reynolds needed stitches after he was hit with a bottle as he ran with his wife Eve - who has vowed to wear fancy dress every day for a year - on Teignmouth beach on Saturday. But despite the attack it didn't stop them completing their daily 10k target.

The next night they were joined by almost 70 men, women and children in their bid to raise £20,000 for the breast cancer charity Coppafeel. Well-wishers ran, walked and skipped alongside Dave and Eve, as they completed their 21st 10k run, out of their planned 100.

Eve is wearing a different fancy dress costume everyday to raise funds

Dedicated Eve is dressing in a different fancy dress costume everyday for a year to raise funds for the breast cancer charity.

For the last 100 days of her challenge the 28-year-old is also running 10K a day, with husband Dave.

Eve explained what happened on her Facebook page while she was in hospital waiting for doctors to stitch up the wound behind Dave's ear.

What started out as a great day has sure ended on a rather low point. We set out to run our 21st 10k run at 7.10pm, and at 2.38am we have just arrived home after finishing it! 7 hours and 20 mins it took us to complete it today - no thanks to a rather delightful group of youths who decided to start a fight with us mid run, and ended up with Dave getting bottled from behind. But, tomorrow is a new day, and even though neither of us can sleep right now, we will be at the seafront tomorrow at 6pm for anyone else who wants to join us for the next 10k run. We are not stopping! We WILL keep on running!

– Eve Hazelton

A man has been arrested in connection with the attack.